ED, Treatment Options and Relationship Impacts

Curious to learn how ED may be affecting your mental health? Join Patricia Heller, MD, and Mark Goldberg, LCMFT, CST as they cover ED treatment options and navigate the unique mental health challenges associated with ED.

ED Impacts on Relationships and Mental Health

We're excited to invite you and your partner to participate in this exclusive Valentine's Day Q&A panel. Join Dr. Dae Sheridan, Psychologist, and Dr. Nicole Szell, Urologist, as they cover everything love, relationships, and navigating the unique mental health challenges associated with ED.

Men’s Health Q&A by Dr. Aram Loeb and Dr. Jonathan Beilan

We’re very excited to invite you to join our first expert Q&A panel event! This 60-minute session will cover everything men’s health. Ask our urologist presenters about ED, PE, Peyronie’s Disease, urinary dysfunction, BPH, prostate and reproductive health, or any men’s health question you want answers to. Register below to join Drs Jonathan Beilan and Aram Loeb on July 22 at 7 PM EST. Please send us your questions before the event on the webinar registration page if possible.