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The Provider Corner – November 2023

3 Approaches to Improve Patient Comfort with Injection Therapy

435 Words. 3 min Read. Written by Dr. Amy Pearlman

Penile injections are the most effective pharmacotherapy for the treatment of ED. Surprisingly, providers and patients often miss the crucial knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of this therapy.

The suggestions I’m about to share are gems of knowledge I’ve learned from my own patients, as well as from the menMD case managers who regularly talk with patients about injection therapy. I wish I had known these tips during training! This is precisely why I’m excited to delve into this as our initial topic, as I believe it’s a crucial area that deserves attention.

These three different approaches may make the process easier for you or the patient, should you choose to share these industry secrets.

  1. Add Accessories

    Insul-Ease is a syringe magnifier that holds the syringe and medication vial in place while magnifying 2x for easy viewing.

    • Make seeing the dose easier with Insul-Ease, a syringe magnifier that holds the syringe and medication vial in place while magnifying 2x for easy viewing
    • Make injecting easier with Inject-Ease, an auto-injector that allows for time-controlled, one-button injection
    • Make traveling easier with Insul-Tote, a travel case that keeps the medication cool. Can also ask a flight attendant to store it in the refrigerator
  2. Modify Injecting Technique

    In addition to making administration easier, there are also techniques that can improve comfort during the injection. For instance, did you know that using a vacuum pump before injections can help inflate the tissue and reduce discomfort? It can also give you (or your patients) a far easier time spotting the target injection area.

    Another thing to remember: the medication should go in smooth like butter. If you’re meeting resistance, it means you’ve hit something that isn’t the cavernosal tissue. Move the needle in and out at the same skin puncture site to find the correct injection area.

    Finally, depending on the needle length, depth of insertion differs. Here’s some general guidelines to follow:

    • 5/16 inch needle: push all the way in with a slight indent into the skin
    • ½ inch needle: don’t go all the way in. Aim for about 95% in
  3. Increase Therapy Tolerability

    I don’t know about you, but the biggest question I get asked when a patient starts injection therapy is, “does it hurt?” If your patients are concerned about pain or have experienced it in the past, ask them to take a dose of an OTC pain reliever of their choice prior to the appointment. This can help minimize the chance of penile ache.

The Takeaway

When it comes to treating ED, penile injections can be a powerful tool. With the right guidance on accessories, technique, and discomfort reduction, they’re not only effective, but also well-tolerated.


Updates From The Pharmacist – November 2023

The Pharmacists Forum – Regulatory News Updates

193 Words – 2 min Read. Written by Dr. Mike Shafor Pharm.D., RPH – General Manager PharmaLabs

On November 1, 2023, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) will be revising its regulatory standards for pharmaceutical compounding and the handling of hazardous drugs. Once the regulatory revisions are accepted by USP, all states will adopt the new regulation in-whole or in-part, and state statutes will be revised accordingly.

What this means for you

Sterile injectable medication compounding will be affected nationally, as compounding pharmacies will be required to limit beyond-use dating on sterile preparations significantly, altering production schedules, increasing costs, and, unfortunately, in many cases, making it unfeasible to produce custom batches of sterile preparations for many compounding pharmacies.

How we’re helping menMD providers prepare

PharmaLabs has been preparing for these regulatory changes for quite some time and is working diligently to complete all newly required testing on our product line to ensure that new regulatory requirements do not get in the way of our medications reaching your patients. If you would like more information concerning regulatory changes related to USP <797>, USP <795>, or USP <800>, feel free to reach out to Dr. Mike Shafor, Pharm.D., RPH, with your questions or concerns. PharmaLabs is here to support you!


Pharmacy Partners

Our nationwide network of physicians and healthcare providers trust menMD to offer medication and support devices through accredited pharmacies and FDA device makers.

State licensed US pharmacies that exceed USP <797> sterile compounding standards.

Product Quality

Every product is prepared using only FDA-approved ingredients and medications are tested prior to release by an independent third-party laboratory.

Baseline Potency

The amount of active ingredient present in the product must conform to the standard stated on the label.

Baseline Sterility and Endotoxin

The product must be free from bacterial byproducts that could cause adverse reactions.

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