For the Good of Man

When it comes to your health, there is no “one GUY fits all solution.” While most online platforms are nothing more than a fancy algorithm, we run on a careful balance of people and tech, bringing you personal health assistants, timely articles, live events, and top-notch physicians. This tailored whole-health approach optimizes your life in the bedroom and beyond. This is our mission, a mission we take seriously and this is what we mean when we say, For the Good of Man.

Step 1: Treatment

Your treatment order is sent to us by your healthcare provider.

Step 2: Ship

You visit (welcome) and create your free membership profile. We'll ship your discreetly packaged treatment right to your door.

Step 3: Progress

Take advantage of all that menMD has to offer with your own Personal Health Assitant, tailored content, our exclusive web series The FocusTM and so much more.

The menMD Team

Carey Frasca


Carey co-founded menMD in 2010 after noticing a big need for men going through ED treatments to get the support they need. Her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and she helped spearhead the first version of the original menMD. Her passion for patient advocacy, instinctive business skill, and hands on management style continues to drive menMD forward. When she's not dominating the Men's Health space, she golfing, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family.

Austin Hunt

Marketing Director

Austin joined the menMD team in 2018 with a background in healthcare publication and live events marketing. Austin is a marketer with a keen passion for healthcare education. He believes whole-heartedly in menMD's mission to deliver on the human side of Mens' Health by providing personalized products and support that fit individuals where they are in their journey. Professionally, he strives to grow menMD and increase patient treatment success through constant educational opportunities and by expanding to new healthcare providers. Outside of work, Austin enjoys traveling, sailing, brewing, cooking, fishing, and spending time with his wife and son outdoors.

Justin Regan

Member Services Manager

Justin joined the menMD team in 2017, with a background in customer service solutions. Justin takes pride in helping Doctors and patients find medication solutions to meet their treatment goals. He's focused on implementing progressive business strategies to ensure that menMD can assist more members to achieve a higher rate of success. In Justin's free time, Justin enjoys spending time with his family, nature walks, swimming, cycling, video game arcades, movies, bowling and meditation.

Real People Here to Help

menMD Personal Health Assistants are available to answer questions, review treatment options, place orders, and give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

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menMD is based in Clearwater, FL. Call us at (857) 233-5837
Monday-Friday 8AM-9PM EST
Saturday 9AM-5:30PM EST

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Who We Partner With

Healthcare Partners

The menMD network has a background in various specialties and our providers are industry leaders from the top university and private hospital systems in the country. Here are a few of the health and hospital systems we team up with.


Pharmacy Partners

Our nationwide network of physicians and healthcare providers trust menMD to offer medication and support devices through accredited pharmacies and FDA device makers. Our pharmacy partners follow strict regulations to ensure only the best quality medication to our members.

State licensed US pharmacies that exceed USP <797> sterile compounding standards.

Product Quality

Every product is prepared using only FDA-approved ingredients and medications are tested prior to release by an independent third-party laboratory.

Baseline Potency

The amount of active ingredient present in the product must conform to the standard stated on the label.

Baseline Sterility and Endotoxin

The product must be free from bacterial byproducts that could cause adverse reactions.

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