Injection therapy, the most effective treatment for ED, is injected into the shaft of the penis 5-15 minutes prior to intercourse.

3 drug mixture available in 11 formulations, prescription required.

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Can A Healthy Lifestyle Improve Your ED?

In this article Dr. Loh-Doyle explains how four key lifestyle changes can not only improve your erectile function, but will help you maintain your overall good health. 


Multi-dose Vials and the 28-day Sterility Rule

In this article Patrick Carpenter, Pharmacist discusses safety guidelines for the use of injectable medicines in multi-dose vials.


The Art of Optimizing Injection Therapy for ED

In this article Dr. Honig discusses why it's important to set the right dose and teach proper self-injection technique in the first office visit.


Injection Therapy Guide for Erectile Dysfunction

In this article Patrick M. Carpenter, Pharmacist provides a comprehensive guide to injection therapy for ED.


Willing to Put in the Work?

In this article Patrick M. Carpenter, MS, PharmD, RPh discusses the steps it takes to regain your sexual prowess and how to integrate erectile dysfunction medicines into your sexual routine.


Ready to Get Results?

Use these tools to rate and track your progress.

Rigidity Scale
Use this tool to rate your erection. The goal range is 7-9 with 6 being firm enough for penetration.

Log Your Progress
Use the chart below to record your progress. This chart comes in handy when discussing your treatment success with your provider or with a menMD Personal Health Assistant.

Learn more or download the Injection Therapy Guide, which includes these tools, in the resource center.

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