Early Climax Treatment

At a Glance

  • Medical device, app, and products for treating clinical premature ejaculation or teaching climax control
  • Device simulates sensations felt during penetration
  • MYHIXEL Play App is 100% anonymized with a private access code
  • Devices require water-based lubricant for use
  • Supporting supplement is designed to help with control by regulating stress and performance anxiety

The Details

MYHIXEL Devices can be used by men with severe climax control issues who have been clinically diagnosed with premature ejaculation or by men with moderate issues looking to improve their climax control.

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What to know about MYHIXEL Devices

How it works

When used with the MYHIXEL Play app, the MYHIXEL devices simulate the feelings during penetration to identify and control the pelvic muscles responsible for triggering ejaculation. Learning to control and delay this reflex through cognitive behavioral changes and progressive exercises can result in lasting up to 7 times longer.

Who’s it for?

MYHIXEL offers two devices that are geared toward specific users. The MYHIXEL MED is for men who typically ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during sexual intercourse. The MYHIXEL TR is for men who last longer than 3 minutes and want to improve climax control or use the device for stimulation with a partner or alone.


The manufacturer and its medical design team of urologists and sexual therapists report the average training program may take 8 to 10 weeks to maximize benefits. Men can apply what they have practiced and learned from MYHIXEL Devices with their partners during sexual intercourse. Clinical trials have shown improvement in duration up to 7x longer and 60% of participants who participated in the clinical trial no longer met the criteria for a diagnosis of PE at the end of the trial.

Medical Chart

MYHIXEL Devices Don’t Have Side Effects

Good to Know

Both the MYHIXEL MED and TR use similar behavioral programs but the MYHIXEL MED is meant for more severe cases. The MYHIXEL TR is a good choice for men who are also on an ED treatment plan.

MYHIXEL Devices & Accessories

The first solution to control your climax.



The MYHIXEL MED program is for men with more severe climax control issues and for men who are clinically diagnosed with PE.


The MYHIXEL TR is for men that last longer than 3 minutes who want to improve climax control or for stimulation with a partner or alone.

MYHIXEL Sleeve Replacement

Replacement sleeve for MYHIXEL MED and TR Devices.


MYHIXEL Hands Free

Hands-free mount for use with MYHIXEL MED and TR Devices.


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