Thomas Sellers

Injection Therapy Online Clinic by Thomas Sellers

Hosted On:

January 7, 2020 | 6:00 pm

Join Tom Sellers, Director of the Advanced Urology Institute Male Sexual Dysfunction Clinic as he reviews dosing, proper injection technique, safety, and answers your questions about Injection Therapy for erectile dysfunction.

The On-Demand version of this webinar is currently being reviewed and will be made available soon.

Whether you’re new to Injection Therapy or a current user and just want to brush up on your knowledge, Tom will cover everything you need to know for a safe and successful treatment.

In this webinar, Tom will discuss:

  • Injection Medication
  • Syringe and Dosing
  • Injection Techniques
  • Live Q&A
  • Attendance is free and anonymous


About the Presenter

Thomas Sellers is the Director of the Male Sexual Dysfunction Clinic at the Advanced Urology Institute in Florida. Tom teaches patients injection therapy and other sexual dysfunction treatments at AUI’s Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, St Augustine, Orange City, and Deland Florida clinic locations. Tom has specialized in ED treatments for over 20 years. He presented at the American Urology Association convention and is a published author and acknowledged expert on sexual dysfunction treatments. Tom has also worked with numerous Urologists around the country teaching injection therapy to patients through live seminars and webinars.

Fun Fact: Tom is also an American wheelchair racer who won a gold medal in the 4×400 meter relay in the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain, where he was also the top American finisher in the 800 and 10,000 meter events. We’re excited to have Tom bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the menMD patient membership!