Low Testosterone Online Clinic By Dr. Herman Bagga, MD, FACS

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September 5, 2023 6:30 pm

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Natural testosterone production levels off in a man’s 20s and starts to decrease with age. When a man’s testosterone level is measured below normal it will likely impact many aspects of his physical, sexual, and mental health.

Dr. Bagga will discuss the pros and cons of each testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) option. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of Low-T participating in this online clinic will prepare you to discuss the situation with your own physician.

In this webinar, Dr. Herman Bagga discusses:

  • Symptoms of Low-T
  • Low-T Diagnosis
  • Testosterone Treatment Options
  • Effectiveness of Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Q&A

About the Presenter

Dr. Herman Bagga, MD practices Urology in Atlanta, GA.  He graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and earned a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, considered one of the top Urology programs in the world.  He has published multiple manuscripts and textbooks, has spoken at national conferences, and led national research trials.

Before relocating to Atlanta, he founded his Center for Men’s Health serving three states in the north east and served as the Director of Urology at his primary hospital near Pittsburgh, PA.

He has expertise in complex men’s health issues including sexual dysfunction and ED, Peyronie’s disease, testosterone deficiency, prostate health, and other issues including major genitourinary reconstruction and prosthetics.  He practices holistic medical and surgical care – he believes every procedure and patient to be unique and important.