Radical Prostatectomy


Radical Prostatectomy (RP) is a surgery to remove the prostate gland and some surrounding tissues. RP is typically used to treat prostate cancer that hasn’t spread outside of your prostate gland.

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Penile Rehab Post Radical Prostatectomy

What is it

Penile reconditioning (rehab) is a treatment or therapy that helps men reach or regain their erections after a Radical Prostatectomy. After surgery, it’s often recommended to rehabilitate your penis using medications and/or devices to bring oxygen-rich blood into the penis to prevent penile length loss and promote healthy erections. Rehabilitation can include one or a combination of the following; oral ED medications such as sildenafil or tadalafil, a vacuum erection device, and pelvic floor physical therapy. This in combination with a heart-healthy lifestyle will help maximize recovery.

Be sure to discuss your sexual goals with your provider before surgery and formulate a plan for success for implementation shortly after surgery.

How does it work

VEDs for penile rehab are often used in combination with medication. They’re used 3-5 days per week for approximately 20-30 minutes each time without the use of a constriction ring. While the amount of time each man needs to condition their penis for blood flow differs, in most cases doing this for a period of 1-2 weeks is enough time to recondition the penile tissue.

Steps for penile rehab with a VED:

  1. After the erection is created, hold the erection in the penile tube for 1-3 minutes
  2. Release the pressure in the tube while maintaining the seal between your body and the device to release your erection
  3. Once you have created 1 erection and released 1 erection, that’s one “set” done
  4. Repeat this process for 3-5 sets for a total of 10-15 minutes per training session

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