Boston Scientific AMS 700™


Highly effective implantable device to treat men struggling with ED. The device has a pump in the scrotum and a reservoir in the pelvic area that control the inflatable device.

Helpful Articles

Can A Healthy Lifestyle Improve Your ED?

In this article Dr. Loh-Doyle explains how four key lifestyle changes can not only improve your erectile function, but will help you maintain your overall good health. 


Off The Record – Automatico

A menMD patient asks: How do I tell a new partner that I have an inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP)?


Peyronie’s Disease: Surgical Treatment Options

In this article Dr. Jared Wallen discusses surgical treatment options for Peyronie's disease, correction of the deformity and erectile function.


Prostate Cancer Screening and Your Sexual Health

In this article Dr. Wallen discusses the importance of a healthy prostate gland, cancer of the prostate, and the prostate’s role in erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction.


Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

In this article Dr. Laurence Levine discusses treatment options for men with Peyronie's Disease.


The permanent solution for ED

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