The Power of a Vacuum Erection Device with Dr. Martin Gross

Get ready to tune in & pump up the volume for our third episode of ‘For The Good of Man’ Podcast! This time around, Dr. Martin Gross will tackle a range of detailed inquiries about Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs), from their effectiveness and safety to specific usage recommendations for conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, […]

Men, Mindfullness, and Mental health

In this episode of “For the Good of Man Podcast,” we delve into men’s mental health, exploring challenges like depression and anxiety, and offering strategies for managing well-being. We discuss the importance of breaking stigmas and the role of relationships in supporting mental health. Tune in for practical insights and tips to improve mental health […]

Weight, Wellness, and Winning Against ED

Dive into the crucial link between weight management and erectile dysfunction (ED) with our first official episode of “For the Good of Man Podcast.” Hosted by Rey, this episode unravels how maintaining a healthy weight can positively influence men’s sexual health and also takes a look into promising weight loss treatments like Semaglutide. Join us […]

Introducing: For The Good of Man Podcast

Hosted by Rey, a seasoned men’s health advocate, For the Good of Man podcast by menMD delves into the intricacies of Men’s and Sexual Health, offering expert insights, debunking myths, and providing a comprehensive guide to achieving optimal well-being!