Changing the ED Treatment Landscape – How Technology is Improving Constriction Rings

643 Words. 2 minute 42 second Read . Written by Dr. Amy Pearlman

Penile constriction rings have long been a vital tool for treating ED because they have the ability to stand alone or support other ED therapies.

These days, though, the game has changed. New technologies have advanced to the point that certain penile constriction rings like the Tech Ring by FirmTech is being used to track erectile fitness, in addition to being used as an erection aid.

But why should providers recommend FirmTech specifically? Let’s delve into what sets FirmTech apart and how it benefits both patients and providers.

Penile constriction rings and how they’re typically used with other ED therapies.

Let’s start by looking at constriction rings as a whole. Providers should absolutely be suggesting constriction rings as an aid or treatment option for men with ED.

Typically, they’ve been used to help maintain an erection for sexual activity. They’re also a handy tool for anyone dealing with venous leak and are often recommended in combination with therapies like vacuum erection devices (VED), oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5i), and/or intracavernosal injections (ICI).

Constriction rings are typically thought to be safe and may enhance the results without major risk of side effects, if used properly. However, our patients don’t always use this product safely, and I’ve heard of men falling asleep with a constriction ring on. Big no-no.

Out with the old. In with the new (material).

Historically, the biggest deterrent for using constriction rings has been the length of time a patient can use them for sexual activity. Thirty minutes is the general rule patients are directed to follow, but the FirmTech device is made of a novel material that allows blood to move in and out of the penis, making it safe to wear for more than 30 minutes. Men may even wear the device all night long!

So what is the FirmTech Tech Ring? It’s an adjustable constriction ring that utilizes a loop and hook design as well as a Bluetooth connection to monitor erectile health in real-time in addition to its role as a well-designed and easily tolerated penile constriction band to be used during sexual activity.

This advance in material and design is why urologists, like me, have recommended FirmTech’s products with full confidence. They’re taking outdated designs and evolving them to offer advantages that you can’t get from other constriction rings.

FirmTech’s products give more insight than traditional constriction rings

Most penile constriction rings are simply that: A ring that helps address the challenges of ED through preventing blood from leaving the penis.

FirmTech’s Tech Ring, meanwhile, is a sophisticated treatment tool equipped with built-in sensors that easily connect to the FirmTech app via Bluetooth. The update in design to allow men to wear the device overnight and gives them the ability to track nocturnal erections. The device also allows us, as healthcare providers, to establish baseline erectile function, and monitor progress with any and all types of ED treatments.

The FirmTech app provides a detailed breakdown of the firmness and duration of all erections (nocturnal or during sexual activity), providing invaluable insights into the patient’s erectile health. This enables you to make more informed decisions in the management of ED based on actual data and trends.

Put the power in your patients’ hands

One of the main challenges your patients are likely facing is a lack of understanding about their condition. This is where FirmTech’s Tech Ring can truly make a difference, by offering an educational foundation that empowers them.

The Tech Ring offers patients a practical method to track and observe their erectile fitness. This proactive approach transforms them from mere bystanders into well-informed participants in their healthcare journey. This enhanced level of patient involvement doesn’t just strengthen the bond between you and your patients—It also fosters a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment, allowing patients to actively contribute to their own health and wellness.

If you’d like to stock the FirmTech Tech Ring in your office, please reach out to your Account Manager directly or by calling the main menMD line at 857-233-5837 ext 2. You can also refer patients by writing an order for this product in the secure menMD Portal. Visit the product page to learn more about FirmTech.