What is Wellness and Longevity?

Wellness refers to the overall state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while longevity refers to a long and healthy life. Achieving both involves adopting a balanced lifestyle with regular exercise, a nutritious diet, stress management, and preventive healthcare. We encourage you to learn more about this condition and the products we offer below.

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How does the aging process affect health and wellness?
Is longevity medicine considered a specialty?

How menMD can help

Fortunately, there are many treatment solutions that can help you address and be proactive in your wellness and longevity journey. Treatments include oral medications, injections, and hormone replacement treatments. Your healthcare provider will prescribe a treatment plan based on your situation, then menMD will provide you with a careful balance of real people and tech, to provide you with a truly personal approach to your wellness journey.

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Talk with your physician

Your physician will help you determine which treatment option is the best place to start.

We work directly with healthcare providers to fulfill treatment options and guide members through the treatment process.

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We’re here to support all of you. Learn from our community forums and educational webinars; connect with a menMD Personal Health Assistant for live treatment support; and get 24-hour access to low-cost, high-quality treatment options on the Member Portal.

Treatment Options for Wellness and Longevity

The good news is – there are plenty of options to get started. Dive in to learn which option might work best for you.



Melanocortin Receptor Agonists

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Sermorelin Injections

Sermorelin Injections

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone

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What about low testosterone?

Testosterone levels naturally decrease in men as they age, with side effect appearing starting as early as 30. Increased levels of testosterone are associated with better moods, weight loss, more energy, and other improvements related to wellness and longevity. Check out our low-t products to learn more about their benefits.

TestosteroneTestosterone Topical GelTestosterone Cypionate Injections

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