FirmTech Tech Ring

Erection Ring & Health Monitor

At a Glance

  • Medical grade adjustable elastomer penis ring
  • Comfortable ‘double’ ring doesn’t move, slip, or rotate during sex
  • Sensors track nocturnal erections, duration, firmness, and ejaculation
  • USB rechargeable, charging dock included
  • Compatible with Vacuum Erection Devices
  • No prescription is required
  • The ‘Performance Ring’ is available without sensors ($59.95)

The Details

FirmTech’s revolutionary tech-enabled erection ring and mobile App can enhance your performance while tracking the vital signs of your erectile fitness at the click of a button. This smart tech can count nocturnal erections to indicate cardiovascular health, the duration, and firmness of your erections, and ejaculations. The Tech Ring is uniquely comfortable, easy to use, and suitable for all men including those who are experiencing venous leak erectile dysfunction.

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Tech Ring $275, Performance Ring $59.95

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What to know about the FirmTech Tech Ring

How it Works

Charge, Pair, and Wear
Charge the ring on the charging dock and download the FirmTech app from the Apple or Android app store. Before retiring for the evening, press the power button on the side of the ring, open the FirmTech App on your mobile device, and press PAIR. To activate data recording, press the power button once. Then wrap the ring around your penis, putting one loop around your shaft and the other around your balls. Pull the ring underneath and place it in the latch on the other side of the device to secure it. In the morning, take off the Ring and press the power button for 3 seconds. This will stop the data recording and turn off your Tech Ring.

Upload the Data
Press the power button on the side of the ring, open the FirmTech app, and press PAIR. While uploading, keep the device near the phone until the uploading is complete (about three minutes). Do not pair or upload while wearing the device.

Who’s it for?

The Tech Ring is for any man interested in an enhanced sexual experience and a deeper understanding of your body so you can maintain erectile fitness and track your vascular health. The Tech Ring or Performance Ring (no sensors) is also a comfortable tension ring for men with venous leak ED.


According to the manufacturer, the majority of users report longer lasting erections and better orgasms.

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Medical Chart

Side Effects May Include

There are no reported side effects

Good to Know

According to the manufacturer, unlike ordinary tension rings, the hook and loop design of the FirmTech rings makes them safe to wear for up to 12 hours and can be put on hard or soft.

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Starting at $59.95 all FirmTech Devices come with FREE shipping.

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FirmTech Performance Ring

Erection Ring

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FirmTech Tech Ring

Erection Ring & Health Monitor

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