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menMD runs on a carefully curated balance of tech and customized care. We provide your patients with access to personal health assistants, a library of on-demand & live patient educational resources, and their most valuable resource: you.

Join the menMD provider community today and see the benefit of our network first-hand.

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1,200+ other physicians use menMD to increase productivity in their practice.

The menMD network has a background in various specialties and our providers are industry leaders from the top university and private hospital systems in the country.


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We partner with accredited pharmacies to offer the best products available for our prescribers and their patients.




Expand your practice

Take your practice to the next level by expanding your reach and treatment options available through the menMD network.

+ New patient referrals right through the portal
+ Opportunities for thought-leadership
+ Access to exclusive Rx & device vendor partners

Increase efficiency and productivity

menMD’s customer service team is like an extension of your own. You and your practice can spend less time on administrative work and technical questions and more time providing top-notch care.

+ Decreased call burden
+ Save time in patient management
+ Enter patient orders directly into our pharmacy system

Improve your patient experience

Increase patient retention by providing a seamless experience patients have come to expect from providers today.

+ Increased education about treatment options
+ Access to the Member Portal and community
+ Dedicated personal health assistant

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