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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably. The prostate is a gland found only in males. It makes some of the fluid that is part of semen.


How does it cause ED?

There are many different treatments that men who have prostate cancer may undergo which can lead to ED

  • Radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate)? Nerve bundles that are located on the sides of the prostate are essential for the initiation of an erection. Having a prostatectomy can damage these nerves.
  • Radiation? ED caused by radiation takes time to develop. Radiation can damage the blood vessels that carry blood to the nerves that are needed to initiate an erection
  • Hormone therapy? The hormone therapy used to treat prostate cancer centers around stopping testosterone production because testosterone usually makes the tumor grow. Unfortunately, testosterone is responsible for sex drive and is needed to obtain and maintain an erection.
Treatment Options

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