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Poor Nutrition

Side effects of bad nutrition don’t happen overnight. They develop over time from eating a diet lacking in vital nutrients and making poor lifestyle choices.


How does it cause ED?

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lifestyle habits can all contribute to erectile dysfunction. The chance of developing ED is 60% greater if one is overweight. Obesity increases the risk of developing type II diabetes and high blood pressure. It also increases the aromatization of testosterone in men to estradiol and causes a decrease in the sex hormone binding globulin. Having a healthy diet can help keep cholesterol levels under control and losing weight can lower blood pressure and the risk of diabetes.

Lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and lack of exercise will also increase the risk of ED. Attempt to limit these activities and see if your ED cases begin to decrease. If not, it is important to see a doctor and review your available treatment options. Studies have shown that the correcting lifestyle risk factors will improve the overall success rate of ED treatment methods to 82%. Click on the link below to get started and find out more information about making an appointment with a doctor today!

Treatment Options

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