A New menMD

In 2010, guys needed a place for all things health and wellness, so we built one. Now, we’re evolving our health services to optimize our support for all members. This new update keeps all of your favorite features – secure, easy prescribing, simplified refill requests, and complete writing history – and will now house the new menMD Virtual Clinic! 

In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out new features to help support you and your patients. In the meantime, check out what’s new.

Streamline your Workflow

No more dealing with frustrating systems or confusing faxes. The menMD Provider Portal helps you streamline your workflows with complete access to everything you need when managing your patient's treatments.

You can enter prescription orders directly in our integrated Rx system through an easy-to-use electronic form and also review them later. Plus, we'll send Rx email notifications with links to approve, deny, or modify the Rx right on the Portal.

Start Writing

Lead the Conversation

Join 50+ of your peers by contributing to menMD’s Patient Education Program. By leading one of these Patient Education Programs or contributing an article, your voice will be seen or heard by our entire membership of nearly 100,000 people.

Join in by writing a blog article about a topic you're passionate about, presenting a webinar to 100's of live viewers, or flexing your creative prowess by helping us create something brand new. Ready to start creating?

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Get New Patient Referrals

More and more, patients are seeking answers from Google rather than their physicians about their health concerns. menMD wants to change all that by providing a simple, safe, and easy place to get the answers they need using a carefully curated balance of tech and customized care.

The menMD Virtual Clinic allows members to search by condition to connect them with real, local providers that are men's health experts. You choose your level of participation, and we'll help you grow your practice.

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What We Stand For


While most online platforms are nothing more than a fancy algorithm, we run on a careful balance of people and tech, providing your patients with access to personal health assistants, a library of on-demand and live patient resources and education, and our most valuable resource: you.

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