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menMD extends the care you provide for your sexual medicine patients after they leave your office. We provide sterile drug delivery and personalized, clinical patient support. You remain in charge of your patient’s care and we provide treatment progress updates and data driven recommendations to optimize patient satisfaction and ensure treatment success.

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    You send us patient prescription orders by fax, email or e-prescription.

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    Patient Call

    A Patient Service Coordinator reviews medication details with the patient and processes the Rx payment through our pharmacy partner.

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    Prescription Delivered

    Meds are shipped to the patient’s doorstep. Our Patient Service Coordinators follow up with patients to discuss treatment effectiveness and answer questions.

Medications Offered

Our nationwide network of healthcare providers trust our accredited pharmacy partners to fill patient-specific compounded products, and commercially available pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacy Partners

  • Sildenafil

    20mg and 100mg tablets available.
    Active ingredient in brand name Viagra

  • Tadalafil

    5mg and 20mg lozenge
    5mg and 20mg Tablet
    Active ingredient in brand name Cialis

  • Intracavernosal Injections (ICI)

    15 formulations of Trimix / Bimix in stock.
    We provide complimentary patient samples for in office training.

  • Intraurethral Gels

    Needleless gels that contain the same ingredients as Bimix/Trimix Phentolamine / Alprostadil (4mg/1000mcg)/mL
    Phentolamine 10mg/mL

  • Testosterone Injections

    Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/mL
    1cc and 3cc vials in stock

  • Testosterone Gel

    Testosterone topical gel
    (5%) 50mg/mL

  • Resolution of Priapism

    Phenylephrine 10mg/mL
    Terbutaline 5mg tablet

  • Ejaculatory Dysfunction

    Oxytocin 50iu lozenge

  • Bladder Irrigation

    Mitomycin 40mg for less than $100 /vial
    DMSO / Lidocaine 50%/0.5%, 50mL vial

  • Pentoxifylline

    400mg Tablets

  • Verapamil HCL Topical Cream

    12% Topical Cream

  • Vacuum Erection Devices (VED)

    VED Vac by Owen Mumford, manual
    VED Vacs by Augusta Medical, manual and battery


    MYHIXEL MED and TR - A climax control device and app for men with Premature Ejaculation.

  • Pharmacy Accessories

    Insulin Syringes for Trimix Injections
    Constriction loops, devices for auto injection, and more!

  • Verapamil HCL Intralesional Injection

    2.5mg/mL Intralesional Injection

  • Promescent

    20, 40, and 60 spray sizes

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