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Diabetes is a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.


How does it cause ED?

Diabetes and poor control of blood sugar levels can eventually lead to nerve damage and thickening and hardening of the blood vessels. Nerve damage can decrease your ability to develop an erection and thickening and hardening of arteries can decrease the necessary blood flow. Both of these effects can negatively affect your ability to get and maintain an erection.

  • The New England Journal of Medicine reported in a recent study that the prevalence of ED is 3 to 4 times higher in men with diabetes
  • In a recent study, approximately 64.4% of men with diabetes had ED versus the general population in which only 10.73% have ED prevalent in their lives.
  • Of this 64.4%, 40% of them will fail on treatment pills (PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra)
  • Of this 40% that fail, 85% of them will achieve success with an intracavernosal injection
Treatment Options

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