SEX: More may reduce your cancer risk

 In Clinical News

We knew sex was fun, but might it actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer!?

BY: Patrick Carpenter

You’re familiar with the standard mantra of healthy living, eat right, exercise, get enough sleep¬—but not too much, drink more water, drink less alcohol. On and on goes the list of things that we know we ought to do but what fun is that?

Well, you can add ejaculating to the list of healthy habits.

In 2004 a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association pointed to a finding of lower risk of prostate cancer in men who ejaculated more frequently.

The study of over 30,000 men continued, and updated data were presented at the American Urological Association Annual meeting in New Orleans in May (2015). The risk of prostate cancer was 20% lower in men who ejaculated more than 21 times in a month compared to just 4-7 times in a month.

Whether with a partner or by yourself, get to it guys, it’s good for you—like exercise.

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